Menschliche Verbindung durch Augenkontakt

World`s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2019 – Freiburg, Germany

Veranstaltung am 21.09.2019 in Freiburg auf dem Stühlinger Kirchplatz ab
11:30 bis ca. 14 Uhr.

„Mitmachende/unterstützende Menschen“ sind willkommen! Melde dich gerne bei mir!

Ich bin die Gastgeberin/Organisatorin: Hier mein facebook-Link: Ursula Chenoah

Wo ist die menschliche Verbindung hin? Teile 1 Minute Augenkontakt, um es herauszufinden.
Lass dich mit uns auf das Experiment ein, einen dir unbekannten Menschen auf eine Minute oder längeren Augenkontakt einzuladen.

Stühlinger Kirchplatz in Freiburg am Samstag, 21. September 2019 von 11:30h bis ca.14:00h.

Dich selbst, etwas Mut und Offenheit und eine Sitz / Stehmöglichkeit (Decke, 2 Polster / 2 Klappsesseln / 2 Hula Hoop Reifen …), um der Einladung einen Raum zu geben.

Teile gerne die Veranstaltung und lade deine Freunde ein!

Das ist der Link zum weltweiten Event:

Mehr Infos, Videos, Fotos zum weltweiten Event auf:

Dieses Event ist Teil eines weltweiten Events von „The Liberators International“, an dem tausende Menschen in mehr als 250 Städten der Welt am selben Tag das selbe Experiment machen.

Mit der Teilnahme am Event stimmst du zu, dass du auf vor Ort entstandenem Foto- und Videomaterial unter Umständen zu sehen sein wirst.

Where has the human connection gone?Share 1 minute of eye contact to find out…

Let’s create an international message for peace by sharing 1 minute of eye contact with friends and strangers in the centre of Freiburg im Breisgau on the 21st of Deptember for World Peace Day. This is part of a global event where people all over the world share the power of eye contact in cities and towns to rebuild our sense of human connection on the same day.

What to bring?
Let’s bring picnic rugs, blankets or… and pillows, cushions or whatever you think will be comfortable to sit, and invite members of the public to come and share a moment of eye contact with us. Instead of pillows you can also bring 2 folding chairs, this makes it easier for the elderly to sit. 2Hula Hoops, this is great for standing eye contact or …

This event is totally free. For the 5thyear, many people worldwide have been giving their time during months toprepare and coordinate this global event.There are overhead costs like websites that need to be build, servers hired, mailing liststo be maintained, … Honestly, there are different reasons why The Liberators are taking a break and Buddha Theatre picked up the torch but one of them is an economical one. We want to make this event available to every single person on the planet so it is and will always be free. If you were able to appreciate the power of what true connection can do for you, how it can bring peace to the world and you wish The Liberators’s events to continue so that people after you can still enjoy the beauty of an authentic connection then leave a donation in accordance to your financial situation at the page of The Liberators below.

All donations are 100% destined for The Liberators. We, as your local host, BuddhaTheatre and its collaborators offer all contributions to the Liberators. Our dream is to have the whole world sit Pin peace. Your donation, small or big, brings us one step closer.

How You Can Help?
1. Show the world that you’re participating at this beautiful event by adding the Facebook profile frame‘Eye Contact Experiment 2019’. Just click the link below to add it to your Facebook profile picture:

2.We are currently searching for volunteers to help launch the experience. So tellus if you’d like to help organize this with us by commenting on the page…or by sending us a private message.

4. Invite your interested friends and family to this event and the global event.

5. Share this event on your facebook wall.A big hug!

More information?Founders:The Liberators International Organisers:Buddha Theatre Atmanhttps://www.grupoatman.esSollvision